Landscape & Garden Design

garden design

St.Hua Private School’s landscape garden design course  is specially designed to teach students the most efficient and relevant skills of the industry.

We have come up with a detailed plan on how are we going to educate our students during our course. Please take a look at the following information and feel free to ask us any questions should you have any.


This course is the art, planning, design, management, preservation and rehabilitation of the garden and land. The scope of this course includes urban and architectural design, site planning, estate development, environmental restoration, town or urban planning, park and recreation planning, regional planning, and historic preservation.


Module 1: Garden Planning and Planting Selection

  • History of Garden Design and Styles
  • Site Appraisals, Basic Surveying Techniques and Client Briefs
  • Principles and Elements of Garden Design
  • The Function of Drainage Systems in the Garden
  • Landscape Construction Procedures and Materials
  • Constructing Rock Gardens and Water Features
  • Amenity Bedding Schemes
  • Specialist Garden Areas and Urban Garden Options

Module 2: General Design

  • Site Assessment Part 1
  • Basic Design Principles: Personal Style, Garden Unity, and Maintenance
  • Color, Form & Texture
  • Designing Your Garden: Choosing & Buying Plants
  • Designing Your Garden: Final Layout Design

Module 3: Hand-on Training for Landscape Model Fabrication

  • Descriptive Geometry and Mechanical Drawing
  • General Ecology
  • Computer-aided Design
  • Spacing Design
  • Materials Selection for Model Fabrication
  • Elements Fabrication
  • Final Projects
  • Practice 1

Here in St.Hua Private School, we believe in one saying: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for one day.” Seize the opportunity to learn and we hope to see you in our  landscape garden design course soon.