Google Analytics Essentials


The Google Analytics Essentials course covers from basic to advanced level on how to use the Google web analytics platform to generate and evaluate information about the visitors to a web site, including data on site traffic, user behavior, and marketing effectiveness. This course covers the out-of-the-box functionality, from account creation to reporting fundamentals, and explains how to glean insights from the vast array of data available.

This course also shows you how to set your account up for multiple users, structure properties and views, and configure the back end of Google Analytics—including a popular WordPress CMS plugin for automating tracking code on WordPress pages. In addition, this course will show to apply advanced filters and segments (and customize them to fit your needs) and import custom data sets.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Google Analytics
    • What is Google Analytics?
    • Page Tagging (Cookies) vs. Log File Analysis
    • Limitations of Google Analytics
    • Basic Terminology
    • Setup Google Analytics Account
    • Installing Tracking Code
    • Explore Admin Settings
    • Setup Goals in Admin Settings
    • Setup Google Search Console & Google AdWords
    • Explore Report Interface
  2. Audience Reports
    • Demographics Report
    • Geographical Report
    • Behavior Report
    • Technology Report
    • Mobile Report
  3. Acquisitions Reports
    • Channel Report
    • Source/Medium Report
    • Referrals Report
    • AdWords Reports
    • Search Console Reports
    • Social Reports
    • Campaigns Reports
    • All Campaign Report
    • Paid Keywords Report
    • Organic Keywords Report
  4. Behavior Reports
    • Site Content Reports
    • Site Speed Reports
    • Site Search Reports
    • Events Tracking & Reports
  5. Conversion Reports
    • Goals & Conversions
    • Goals Report
  6. Real Time Reports & Dashboard


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