BIM with Revit Structure Singapore

BIM with Revit Structure Course


Upskill your career in civil engineering with our specialised BIM with Revit Structure Course in Singapore. Tailored for Autodesk Revit® Structure users, this comprehensive program introduces the principles of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and equips you with essential tools for parametric design, analysis, and documentation.

In this BIM course, gain proficiency in utilising the robust features of Autodesk Revit Structure. Dive into the world of 3D parametric design tools, empowering you to create and analyse projects with precision. From conceptualization to completion, this BIM modelling course in Singapore guides you through the entire process, emphasising construction documentation and design visualisation.
Join us in Singapore to explore the fundamental aspects of Autodesk Revit Structure and acquire the skills needed for efficient project development. Our Revit course is designed to impart practical knowledge that aligns with industry standards, ensuring you are well-prepared to tackle real-world structural challenges.

Enrol now to advance your career in structural engineering through the power of BIM with Revit Structure and enhance your skills with our comprehensive design course. Train with us and become a proficient BIM modeller, ready to tackle complex architectural challenges.


24 hours (2 Day Course)

Mode of Delivery

• Classroom-based, instructor-led training
• Virtual class, instructor-led training

Languages Available

• English
• Chinese
• Others


1Building Information Modelling◦ Building Information Modeling for Structural Engineering
◦ About Bidirectional Associativity
2Revit Structure Basics◦ Exploring the User Interface
◦ The Ribbon Framework
◦ Working with Structural Elements and Families
3Viewing the Structural Model◦ View Properties
◦ Explore and Create Views
◦ Controlling Object Visibility
◦ View Templates
◦ Modifying Line Styles
◦ Using Filters
◦ Guidelines for Controlling Object Visibility
◦ View Range and Plan Region
◦ Working with Elevation and Section Views
◦ Controlling Visibility of Elevation and Section Tags
◦ Working with 3D Views
◦ Navigating Through a 3D View
◦ About Cameras
◦ Creating and Modifying Camera Views
◦ Changing Material Properties
◦ Guidelines for Working with 3D Views
4Starting a New Project◦ Starting a Project
◦ Creating Project Templates
◦ Set Up a Project and Transfer Project Standards
◦ Adding and Modifying Levels
◦ About Levels
◦ Creating and Modifying Grids
5Creating Structural Columns and Walls◦ Working with Structural Columns
◦ Loading Structural Columns
◦ Creating Structural Column Types
◦ Structural Column Tools and Options
◦ Creating Openings in Structural Columns
◦ Working with Structural Walls
◦ Structural Wall Type Parameters
◦ Structural Wall Instance Parameters
◦ About Wall Pilasters
◦ Creating Wall Openings
6Creating Frames◦ Adding Floor Framing
◦ About Beams
◦ Beam Properties
◦ Adding Openings in Beams
◦ Working with Beams and Beam Systems
◦ Beam System Properties
◦ Methods of Creating Sloped Beams
◦ Process of Creating a 3D Beam System
◦ Working with Structural Steel Frames
◦ About Structural Steel Frames
◦ Setting Steel Frame Symbols in a Plan View
◦ Process of Adding Bracing Members
◦ Editing Braces
◦ Working with Concrete Beams
◦ About Concrete Beams
◦ Options to Edit Concrete Beam Joins
◦ Vertical Justification of Beams
7Creating Floors and Roofs◦ Adding Floors (Surface Bed )Process of Adding a Floor Element
◦ Creating Sloped Floors
◦ Creating Shaft Openings in Floors
◦ Creating Roofs and Adding Structural Framing
◦ Process of Sketching Roofs
◦ Create a Sloped Roof with Steel Framing
8Creating Foundations◦ Adding Foundations
◦ Creating Stepped Walls and Foundations
◦ Create an Elevator Pit
9Stairs and Ramps◦ Creating Stairs
◦ Create U-Shaped and Monolithic Stairs
◦ Creating Ramps
◦ Create a Ramp and Modify the Railing
10Creating Plan Annotations and Schedules◦ Adding Dimensions
◦ About Temporary Dimensions
◦ About Permanent Dimensions
◦ About Spot Dimension Symbols
◦ Working with Text and Tags
◦ About Text
◦ About Tags
◦ Setting Text Placement Parameters
◦ Add Column and Beam Tags
◦ Creating Legends
◦ Working with Schedules
◦ Beam Elevation Schedule
◦ Beam Annotations
11Creating Detailing◦ Working with Detail Views
◦ Process of Saving and Reusing a Detail View
◦ Add 2D Annotations to a Detail View
◦ Adding Concrete Reinforcement
◦ Adding 3D Reinforcement
◦ Adding Detail Components
◦ Add Reinforcement Elements and Detail Components
◦ Working with Drafting Views
◦ Process of Creating and Reusing Drafting Views
◦ Create a Drafting View
◦ Working with CAD Details
◦ Options for Importing and Editing CAD Files
◦ Import and Edit DWG Details
12Creating Construction Documentation◦ Working with Sheets and Titleblocks
◦ About Revision Tracking
◦ Process of Creating Sheets by Using Customized Titleblocks
◦ Creating Revision Clouds
◦ Guidelines for Working with Sheets and Titleblocks
◦ Create a Sheet by Using a Titleblock
◦ Printing Sheets
◦ Print Setup Settings
◦ Exporting Content to CAD Formats
◦ Settings for Exporting Content
◦ Process of Exporting Views to CAD Formats
◦ Guidelines for Exporting Content to CAD Formats
◦ Export Views
13Extras◦ Subscription Center
◦ Options Dialogue
◦ True North Setting
◦ Importing / Linking / Copy Monitor /Reconcile Hosting.
◦ Material Physical Properties
◦ Family Creation
◦ Structural Settings
◦ Adding Loads / using Robot Analysis Extension
◦ Revit Extensions / Robot Extensions / ASD – AutoCAD Structural Detailing

• Basic computer skills
• Note that we provide the computer
• Whether you are from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar or Johor Bahru. Foreigners are welcomed!

• Written Examination
• Project Presentation

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