Certificate in DTP (digital desktop publishing)


In this certificate course, three major design tools for digital graphics will be taught, namely photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.


Computer literacy


30 hours / Part time (2 months)


Module 1 Photoshop

•Getting to Know the Work Area.
•Using the File Browser Lesson.
•Basic Photo Corrections.
•Working with Selections.
•Layer Basics.
•Masks and Channels.
•Retouching and Repairing.
•Painting and Editing.
•Basic Pen Tool Techniques.

•Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes.
•Advanced Layer Techniques.
•Creating Special Effects.
•Preparing Images for Two-Color
•Creating Links within an Image.
•Optimizing Web Images.
•Creating Rollover Web Visuals.
•Animating GIF Images for the Web.

Module 2 Illustrator

•Application Overview
•Overview of the Illustrator
•Working With Color
•Object Tools
•The Pen Tool
•Manipulation of Objects and Object
•The Selection Tools

•Pathfinder Filters Pathfinder
•The Transformation Tools
•The Gradient Tool
•Rasterizing Objects
•The Appearance Palette
•Masking Objects
•The Transparency Palette
•The Styles Palette
•Working With Text

Module 3 Indesign

•Getting to Know the Work Area
•Setting Up Your Document
•Working with Frames
•Importing and Editing Text
•Working with Typography
•Working with Color
•Importing and Linking Graphics

•Creating Tables
•Drawing Vector Graphics
•Working with Transparency
•Creating Interactive Documents
•Combining Files into Books
•Printing and Print Preparation
•Exporting to PDF