G Suite Essential Tools

The G Suite for Education Core Services


G Suite (formally known as Google Apps) is a collection of applications from Google including applications such as Gmail, Docs, Drive and Hangouts. These allow you to connect and bring teams in your company together to achieve great tasks using the power of Cloud Computing.

These apps are designed for businesses and are used by millions of companies worldwide. With machine intelligence built-in, G Suite frees up your time to for you to perform the important tasks.

In this course, the trainer will cover all essential tools in Google G Suite, including Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Gmail, Calendar, Hangout, Drive, Sites, and G Suite admin.

Topics include:

• Google Docs
• Google Sheets
• Google Slides
• Google Forms
• Gmail
• Calendar
• G Suite Admin
• Hangout Meet
• Sites

Course Outline

  1. G Suite Overview and Setup
    • What is G Suite
    • Setting Up G Suite and Your Domain
    • Data Migration
  2. Google Sheets
    • Creating a New Google Sheet
    • Navigating & Modifying Google Sheet
    • Editing & Viewing Google Sheets
    • Formatting Google Sheets
    • Working with Data and Charts
    • Use Google Sheets with other Google Products
  3. Working with Google Docs
    • Create a New Google Docs
    • Navigating Docs Interface
    • Modifying Google Docs
    • Editing Google Docs
    • Inserting Images and Tables
    • Working with Google Docs
    • Collaborating with, and Sharing, Google Docs
    • Using Google Docs on a Mobile Device
  4. Google Slides
    • Create a New Google Slide
    • Navigating Google Slide
    • Slides Layout Configuration
    • Editing Google Slide
    • Adding Text, Images and Tables
    • Viewing Google Slide
  5. Google Form
    • Create & Customizing new Google Form
    • Editing Google Form
    • Adding More Items to Google Form
    • Theme Customization
    • Sharing & Collaborating
    • View Responses
    • Download & Print
  6.  Gmail
    • Creating a Gmail account
    • Send, Read, Reply Messages
    • Organize and Search Mail
    • Manage Account and Setting
    • Work with Google Contacts
    • Using Google Chat
    • Google Labs and Other Addons
  7. Google Calendar
    • Get Started with Google Calendars
    • Navigating & Personalizing Google Calendar
    • Create and Edit Events
    • Respond to Invitation
    • Create Additional Calendars
    • Share Calendar with Others
    • Search and Print Calendar
  8.  G Suite Admin
    • Admin Homepage
    • Company Profile
    • Apps
    • User Management
    • Organization Structures
    • Admin Roles
    • Manage Groups
    • Gmail Setup
    • Reports and Security