Navisworks Manage

Navisworks Manage


In the realm of architecture and construction, Navisworks emerges as a pivotal tool for clash detection, seamlessly complementing 3D modelling software like Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, and MicroStation. This course is tailored to introduce users to the dynamic capabilities of Navisworks, empowering them to open, combine, and navigate 3D models in real-time. Dive into comprehensive model reviews using key features such as Clash Detective, Autodesk Renderer, Quantification, TimeLiner, Animator, and Scripter.

As part of this course, users delve into the intricacies of clash detection, ensuring accurate models and simulations that anticipate and mitigate potential coordination issues. Gain hands-on experience in working with diverse materials and refine your understanding of Building Information Modeling (BIM) principles. By the end of the course, participants will not only navigate through models effortlessly but will also master the art of creating coordinated models and 4D simulations, making them adept in the multifaceted realm of architecture and construction. Elevate your skills with our Navisworks course and become proficient in clash detection, simulations, and BIM applications.


  • Understanding the Quantification dialog
  • Using the catalogs
  • Importing or creating a custom catalog
  • Adding resources and viewports
  • Showing and hiding takeoffs
  • Selecting objects
  • Grouping objects
  • Taking off elements from a DWF
  • Performing a 2D takeoff