Linux System Development



This course is designed to bring experienced users and developers up to speed quickly to working in a Linux environment.

This course covers system application development using C programming language and Linux OS managment using Bash Shell Scripting.


21 hours


  • A grasp of the system architecture, including the roles of and choice of graphical environments and desktop managers.
  • Sources of documentation and help.
  • Available editors.
  • Working with files and directories and manipulating their contents.
  • Control of user accounts, passwords, etc.
  • Filesystems and access rights
  • Using bash and other command shells.
  • Installation methods and options.
  • Software management, packaging, patching and upgrading.
  • Command shells, user directories, environments, etc.
  • Partitioning and filesystems.
  • System boot and initialization and service management.
  • Understanding the usage of major components such as memory and swap.
  • Networking and threading models.
  • Available tools including file transfer tools, debugging and tracing aids, log files, and performance and monitoring tools.
  • Aspects of compiling and using libraries.
  • Working with Java under Linux.