8051 Microcontroller Application (Firmware) Development with C



The 80c51/2 micro-controller is a simple but widely used embedded systems in the fields of control system and intelligent instrument. This course is designed to teach students in the structure of 8051 microcontroller (STC89C52) and how to develop applications using C programming language. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to design real applications such timer, high precise clock, electronics thermometer and etc.


Electronics circuit basic


18 hours / Part time


  • Microcontroller 8051 Architecture
  • Bus Architecture
  • Interrupts and Timers
  • Operation of IOs
  • LED Display
  • Dip Switch
  • Maxtrix Keypad
  • Dot Maxtrix Display
  • LCD Display
  • Stepper Motors and Types of Stepper Motors
  • Serial Communication Concept