SkillsFuture Credit Approved Course


This course is to provide students with essential graphics and visual communication skills with CorelDRAW software that they can use to enhance almost every aspect of their schoolwork and later apply to their careers.


1. Getting Started
1.1. The CorelDRAW interface
1.2. Working with new documents
1.3. Exploring new document advanced options

2. Working with Pages and Dockers
2.1. Moving and adding pages
2.2. Understanding page setup
2.3. Arranging dockers

3. Importing and Exporting Files
3.1. Importing files
3.2. Using Corel CONNECT
3.3. Exporting files

4. Viewing Options
4.1. Working with zooming
4.2. Understanding page views

5. Working with Objects
5.1. Using the Pick tool
5.2. Selecting objects
5.3. Moving objects
5.4. Sizing objects
5.5. Mirroring objects
5.6. Rotating objects
5.7. Skewing objects

6. Undo, Redo, and Stacking Order
6.1. Working with Undo and Redo
6.2. Understanding the stacking order

7. Using the Drawing Tools in a Project
7.1. Understanding the drawing tools
7.2. Working with the Rectangle tool
7.3. Adding rectangles to a business card
7.4. Working with the Ellipse tool
7.5. Adding ellipses, pies, and arcs
7.6. Working with the Polygon tool
7.7. Adding a multipoint polygon
7.8. Working with the Spiral tool
7.9. Adding a shadowed spiral
7.10. Working with the Graph paper tool
7.11. Adding unique graph shapes
7.12. Working with Perfect Shapes
7.13. Adding a shadowed arrow shape

8. Working with Artistic Text
8.1. Understanding artistic text
8.2. Adding artistic text

9. How to Duplicate and Align Multiple Objects
9.1. Aligning objects
9.2. Understanding duplication
9.3. Working with distribution
9.4. Building an amplifier face
9.5. Aligning text and spacing objects

10. Group and Combine Objects
10.1. Understanding Group and Ungroup
10.2. Working with Combine and Break Apart

11. Working with Color
11.1. Coloring objects and using Uniform fill
11.2. Using the Fountain fill
11.3. Understanding the Color palette and the Document palette
11.4. Working with the Interactive fill tool
11.5. Using the eyedropper tools

12. Working with Outline Types and Color
12.1. Using Convert To Curves and Outline Properties
12.2. Understanding advanced Outline Properties

13. Welding, Trimming, and Intersecting Objects
13.1. Exploring methods of working with Weld, Trim, and Intersect
13.2. Exploring examples using Weld, Trim, and Intersect