GeBIZ Essentials



Explore the intricacies of government e-commerce with our GeBIZ course in Singapore. Designed to help suppliers understand the platform, this program equips businesses to learn and navigate the GeBIZ website efficiently. Discover how to bid for tenders, access relevant documentation, and participate in the procurement process with the Singapore Government. Gain essential insights into supplier interactions, business opportunities, and the overall dynamics of government e-commerce. Join us to deepen your understanding and enhance your capabilities in engaging with government entities through GeBIZ.

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Course Venue: 131 Jurong Gateway Road #04-241 Singapore 600131

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to GeBIZ
    • The GeBIZ website
    • Using your SingPass
  1. Overview of Government Contracts and Tenders
    • Introduction
    • Understanding how the Government buys
    • Understanding who is in charge of purchasing
  1. Introduction to Procurement Process
    • Quotes in GeBIZ
    • Things to take note
    • Evaluation and Approval process
    • Government contracts
    • Security Deposit
    • Tender outcomes
  1. Looking for contracts and tenders
    • GeBIZ
    • Industry tenders
  1. Registering as a Government Supplier
    • GeBIZ trading partner
    • EPPU Supplier
    • BCA Supplier
  1. Searching, Bidding and Managing
    • Opportunities List
    • Search
    • Advanced Search
    • Filters
    • Supplier Directory
    • Viewing responses
    • Transaction History
    • Award Information
    • Contact Instrument
    • RSS Feeds
  1. Partnering with other companies
    • Introduction
    • Consortium
    • Evaluation guidelines
  1. GeBIZ Alerts
    • Understanding GeBIZ alerts
    • Signing up for GeBIZ alerts

Successful Course History

  1. 30/01/2018 (Monday)
  2. 19/03/2018 (Monday)
  3. 16/04/2018 (Monday)
  4. 30/05/2018 (Wednesday)