Civil Engineering Intern

Organization description

Established in 1997, St.Hua Private School has helped its industrial customers to bridge the skills gap and improve their industrial knowledge and methodology.

St.Hua provides customized training and solutions to industries, and constantly adapts to new industries and career trends to provide the most suitable solutions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create 3D BIM models for the respective disciplines (architecture, civil &structural engineering).
  • Assist architects and engineers to ensure compliance with the various design and regulatory requirements Implement Virtual Design & Construction methodologies, processes and standards coordinate with other disciplines and stakeholders (e.g. contractors) on the implementation of Virtual Design & Construction Participate in coordination meetings and 3D review sessions.
  • Work closely with industry to explore opportunities for collaboration.
  • Work closely with respective subject experts to review, identify gaps and improvise the current process.
  • Identifying tasks that need to be done, identifying resources, schedule and supervise work.
  • Undertake and co-lead project independently assigned.

Learning Outcome:

  • Chance to learn about the intricacies of deep tech research, product development, and strategy.
  • Chance to work with different industries and understand the skills-in-demand.
  • Platforms to apply broad experience and deepen comprehensive knowledge of engineering principles, theories and concepts.
  • Opportunity to understand new technologies and related environments.
  • Build your network with industry partners


  • Undergraduate in Civil Engineering or related courses
  • Good academic track record
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills