Building Machine Learning Web Apps with Tensorflow


Embark on an enriching learning journey with our specialized AI course on TensorFlow.js. This website-based course is designed for JavaScript developers eager to learn and apply machine learning concepts using TensorFlow.js—an open-source JavaScript library. TensorFlow.js empowers developers to define, train, and execute machine learning models directly within a browser, utilizing JavaScript and a high-level layers API. As an extension of TensorFlow, the world’s most popular machine learning framework, TensorFlow.js is ideal for JavaScript developers venturing into the exciting realm of Machine Learning. Our comprehensive course equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to harness TensorFlow.js for building interactive Machine Learning web apps. Join our AI course to learn the basic operations and applications of TensorFlow.js, and unlock the potential of integrating machine learning seamlessly into web development. Explore the possibilities, enhance your skills, and elevate your expertise with our AI course on TensorFlow.js. Enroll now and unlock the power of AI in web development!

In this course, you will learn the basic operations and applications of Tensorflow.js

Course Objectives:

  • Neural Network with Tensorflow.js
  • Regression with Tensorflow.js
  • Classification with Tensorflow.js
  • Import Keras models to Tensorflow.js


7 hours, 1 Day Course

Mode of Delivery

Classroom-based, Instructor-led Training

Course Outlines

  1. Getting Started on Tensorflow.js
    1. What is Tensorflow.js
    2. Try Tensorflow.js Demo
    3. Install Tensorflow.js
  2. Tensorflow.js Basics
    1. Tensors
    2. Variables
    3. Operators
    4. Memory Management
  3. Regression
    1. What is Regression
    2. Build a Linear Regressor with Tensorflow.js
    3. Data Visualisation using Chart.js
  4. Neural Network
    1. What is Neural Network
    2. Build a Neural Network Regressor with Tensorflow.js
  5. Classification
    1. What is Classification
    2. Build a Neural Network Classifier with Tensorflow.js