BIM with Revit MEP

Revit MEP Course

SkillsFuture Credit Approved Course


The primary objective of this course is to teach students the concept of building information modelling and introduce the tools for parametric engineering design and documentation using Revit MEP. Students will learn the recommended workflows and basic skills required to navigate Revit. Upon completion of this Revit MEP course, you’ll know how to create basic floor plans, design electric circuits and lighting systems, model air intake and exhaust systems, create plumbing plans, and design fire alarm and sprinkler systems, and document your designs for construction and fabrication.


  1. Building Information Modelling
    • Building Information Modelling Overview
    • About Bidirectional Associativity
  1. Revit MEP Basics
    • Exploring the User Interface Overview
    • Revit MEP User Interface
    • Design Bar
    • Guidelines for Exploring the User Interface
    • Working with Revit Elements and Families Overview
    • About Building Elements
    • Building Element Types
    • About Families
    • Guidelines for Working with Revit Elements and Families
  1. Viewing the Model
    • Managing Views Overview
    • About Views
    • Creating and Editing Views
    • View Properties
    • View Templates
    • Guidelines for Working with Views and View Templates
    • Controlling Object Visibility OverviewObject Visibility SettingsModifying Line StylesAbout User-Defined Filters
    • Using Filters
    • Guidelines for Controlling Object Visibility
    • Working with Section and Elevation Views Overview
    • About Section Views
    • About Elevation Views
    • Guidelines for Creating Section and Elevation Views
    • Creating and Modifying 3D Views Overview
    • Objectives
    • About 3D Views
    • About Cameras
    • Creating and Modifying Camera
    • Guidelines for Creating and Modifying 3D Views
    • Create 3D Perspective and 3D Section Views
  1. Starting a New Project
    • Setting Up. Projects Overview
    • About Projects
    • Project Settings
    • About Project Templates
    • About the Mechanical-Default Project Template
    • About Revit File Types
    • Creating Project Templates
    • Guidelines for Creating Project Template Files
    • Defining Discipline Settings Overview
    • About Mechanical Settings
    • About Electrical Settings
    • Guidelines for Defining Discipline Settings
    • Importing and Editing DWG Details
    • Options for Importing and Editing DWG Details
    • Guidelines for Importing and Editing DWG Details
    • Linking Revit Models
    • Linking Revit Architecture Projects
    • RVT Link Display Settings Dialog Box
    • Guidelines for Linking Revit Models
  1. Defining Volumes
    • Representing Volumes
    • About Spaces ( Room Bounding )Process of Creating Spaces
    • Guidelines for Creating Spaces
    • About Zones
    • Process of Creating Zones
    • Building Performance Analysis Overview
    • About Analytical Models
    • Guidelines for Viewing Analytical Models
  1. Heating and Cooling Load Calculations
    • Defining Heating and Cooling Loads Overview
    • Heating and Cooling Loads Information
    • Process of Specifying Project Energy Data
    • Process of Specifying Space Heating and Cooling
    • Loads Parameters
    • Process of Specifying Zone Heating and Cooling
    • Guidelines for Defining Heating and Cooling Loads
    • About Heating and Cooling Loads
    • Heating and Cooling Loads Report
    • Calculate Heating and Cooling Loads
  1. HVAC Systems
    • Creating HVAC Systems
    • About HVAC Systems
    • Mechanical Parts in HVAC Systems
    • Process of Creating HVAC Systems
    • Guidelines for Creating HVAC Systems
    • About Layouts
    • Duct Sizing
    • Duct System Inspection Tools
    • Process of Generating HVAC System Layouts
    • Creating and Modifying Ductwork
    • Ducts and Duct Fittings
    • Duct and Duct Fitting Control Grips
    • Tools for Creating and Modifying Ductwork
    • Process of Applying Duct Colour Fills
    • Guidelines for Creating and Modifying Ductwork
  1. Piping Systems
    • Creating System Piping Overview
    • About System Piping
    • Process of Creating a Piping System
    • Guidelines for Creating a Piping System
    • Create a Hydronic Supply and Return Piping System
  1. Plumbing Systems
    • Creating Plumbing Systems Overview
    • About Plumbing Systems
    • Process of Creating a Plumbing System
    • Guidelines for Creating a Plumbing System
    • Create a Sanitary Plumbing System
  1. Fire Protection Systems
    • Creating Fire Protection Systems Overview
    • About Fire Protection Systems
    • Process of Creating a Fire Protection System
    • Guidelines for Creating a Fire Protection System
    • Create a Fire Protection System
  1. Electrical Systems
    • Creating Electrical Circuits Overview
    • About Electrical Circuits
    • Tools for Working with Electrical Circuits
    • Process of Creating Electrical Circuits
    • Guidelines for Creating Electrical Circuits
    • Create an Electrical Lighting Circuit
    • Creating Wiring Overview
    • About Electrical Wiring
    • Process of Creating a Wire Type
    • Guidelines for Creating Wiring
    • Create Wiring
  1. Detailing and Drafting
    • Creating Callout Views Overview
    • About Callouts
    • Creating Reference Callouts
    • Guidelines for Creating Callouts
    • Create a Callout View of a Section
    • Working with Detail Views Overview
    • About Detail Views
    • Creating Detail Views
    • Process of Reusing Detail Views
    • Guidelines for Saving and Reusing Detail Views
    • Create a Detail View
    • Working with Drafting Views Overview
    • About Drafting Views
    • Process of Reusing Drafting Views
    • Guidelines for Reusing Drafting Views
    • Create Drafting Views
    • Import a View and a CAD File
  1. Annotations and Schedules
    • Working with Text and Tags
    • Overview
    • About Text
    • About Tags
    • Guidelines for Working with Text and Tags
    • Work with Text and Tags
    • Working with Dimensions Overview
    • About Temporary Dimensions
    • About Permanent Dimensions
    • Guidelines for Working with Dimensions
    • Work with Dimensions
    • Creating Legends Overview
    • About Legends
    • Guidelines for Creating Legends
    • Create a Legend
    • Working with Schedules Overview
    • About Schedules
    • About Schedule Properties
    • Exporting Schedules
    • Modifying Schedule Fields
    • Guidelines for Working with Schedules
    • Create and Modify a Lighting Fixture Schedule
  1. Construction Documentation
    • Working with Titleblocks
    • About Titleblocks
    • Creating and Updating Titleblocks
    • Guidelines for Working with Titleblocks
    • Work with Titleblocks
    • Working with Sheets
    • About Sheets
    • Process of Previewing and Printing Sheets and Views
    • Guidelines for Working with Sheets
    • Work with Sheets
  1. The Family Editor (Optional)Creating and Modifying Families
    • About Families
    • Connectors
    • Process of Creating Families
    • Guidelines for Creating and Modifying Families
    • Create an Air Terminal Family