Industrial Control System (PLC) Design

PLC Course


Enrol in our comprehensive training course to gain proficiency in programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and develop the skills needed to program, install, and operate networked systems. This program is designed to equip participants with the fundamentals of PLC systems and the expertise to write control programs for various applications. Through hands-on training, participants will learn program troubleshooting using both computer software and programming consoles. Practical experiments, simulating real projects, further enhance the learning experience. Join our training to acquire essential knowledge and practical skills in PLC programming, installation, and operation within networked environments. This course is ideal for individuals seeking specialised training in the field of programmable logic controllers.


Electronics circuit basic / control theory basic


21 hours / Part time


  • Introduction and Theory of PLC
  • The advantage and application of Siemens PLC
  • Introduction to the hardware structure and software
  • Basic Instructions
  • Other Instructions
  • Experiments:
  • Auto-control of the traffic light
  • Auto-control of the manipulator
  • Driving the Step motor
  • Auto-control of the stage light
  • Elevator control
  • A. C. motor control
  • Mix-liquid equipment control
  • Water tower level control
  • Carousel simulation