Autodesk Moldflow Adviser Essentials



In this course, students learn features, functionalities and workflows in Autodesk Moldflow Adviser through hands-on exercises. Students learn how to become more efficient at evaluating digital prototypes, running analysis, and interpreting the results for all analysis types available in the Design, Manufacturing, and Advanced packages.


  • Use of the interface and job manager
  • Customize databases
  • Complete Fill +Pack + Warp analysis
  • Step through the general process used for analysis projects
  • Learn to import, and check models from CAD systems
  • Check models for draft, thickness and undercuts
  • Gate placement and uses of the gate location analysis
  • Procedure to complete and interpret gate location analysis
  • Procedure to complete and interpret molding window analysis
  • Review part design guidelines
  • Learn about analysis sequences (Fill, Cooling Quality & Sink Marks)
  • Results visualization tools
  • Cost Adviser tool
  • Input parameters/result interpretation for filling, sink mark and cooling quality analyses
  • Review features and capabilities of Autodesk Moldflow Communicator
  • Create MFR in Autodesk Moldflow Adviser
  • Create reports and review available formats
  • Review and model typical gate and runner designs
  • Review the importance and how to balance runner systems
  • Review concepts of pack/hold for injection molds
  • Review and interpret packing results
  • Model cooling circuits with various cooling geometries
  • Review concepts of cooling for injection molds
  • Review and interpret cooling results
  • Compare results when running different analyses