Engineering Subject Tuition


St.Hua Private School provides  tuition on various engineering subjects.

We have come up with a detailed plan on how are we going to educate our students during our tuition classes. Please feel free to take a look and ask us any questions should you have doubts or queries.

Core Subjects

  • Circuit Analysis [TP: EEE1001; SP: ET0053; RP: 251 ]
  • Electronic Devices & Circuits [TP: EEE1002, EEE3001; SP: ET1005, ET1006; RP: E117, E253, E252]
  • Digital Electronics [TP: EEE1003, EEE1004; SP: ET1003, ET1004; RP: E105, E201]
  • Analog Electronics [RP: E219]
  • Electronics communications principles [TP: ETW2012; SP: ET0087, ET0513; RP: E207, E311, E312]
  • Microcontroller Technology [TP: EMC2001; SP: ET1010; RP: E206]
  • Basic Maths [SP: MS4120; RP: Mathematics ]
  • Engineering Maths [TP: EMA1001, EMA1002; SP: MS4121, MS4205, MS4206; RP: E114]
  • Control system [TP: ECT2001]
  • IC layout packaging [TP: EEE2001; RP: E343]
  • Programming [TP:ESE1006; SP: ET0083; SP: E116]
  • Electrical and Power[TP: EEE3004; SP: ET0050, ET0917; ]
  • Printed Circuit Board Design [TP: EED1002]
  • FPGA & Applications

TP: Temasek Poly

SP: Singapore Poly

RP: Republic Poly

NP: Ngee Ann Poly (no course code)

NYP: Nanyang Poly (no course code)

Here in St.Hua Private School, we believe in one saying: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for one day.” Seize the opportunity to learn and we hope to see you in our tuition classes soon!