Sketchup 3D Design – Basic

SkillsFuture Credit Approved Course


This course is an introduction to developing 3D design ideas using popular 3D design software Sketchup. Sketchup is very user-friendly and enables wonderful perspective drawings. It is ideal for planning interior design projects and proposals,but can also be used for modelling objects and outdoor spaces. SketchUp is sufficiently adaptable to be relevant for the home enthusiast and professionals alike.

After taking this course, students are well-equipped and prepared to take on the more challenging SketchUp Advanced course.


15 hours


  1. Get Ready
    1. Install Sketchup Make
    2. Sketchup Make vs Pro
    3. Sketchup Preference/Setting
    4. Navigation
    5. Shade Faces & Edges
    6. Create Camera View
    7. Create Shadow & Fog
    8. Create Multiple Views with Scenes
    9. Configure Toolbars
  2. Manipulate Objects
    1. Select & Move Objects
    2. Scale & Rotate Objects
    3. Manipulate Faces & Edges
    4. Advanced Selection Tools
  3. Drawing in Sketchup
    1. Line Tool Fundamental
    2. Eraser Tool
    3. Rectangle Tools
    4. Push Pull
    5. Offset
    6. Curved and Freehand Shapes
    7. Circular Tools
    8. Soften and Smooth Edges
    9. Using the Follow Me Tool
    10. 3D Text
  4. Measure & Label
    1. Tape Measure
    2. Protractor Tool
    3. Create Label with the Text Tool
    4. Dimensioning
    5. Create Cutaways with Section Planes
  5. Stay Organized
    1. Group Objects
    2. Work with Layers
    3. Work with Outliners
  6. Working with Components
    1. The Component Window
    2. Create Components
    3. Using the 3D Warehouse
    4. Import Model
    5. Component Options
    6. Use the Interact Tool
  7. Working with Materials
    1. Apply Materials
    2. Edit Materials
    3. Create Materials
  8. Working with Textures
    1. Create Materials
    2. Map Curved Objects
    3. Project Maps with Curved Objects
    4. Create a Floor Plan Using BitMap Images
  9. Rendering with Animation
    1. Apply Styles
    2. Create New Style
    3. Export in 2D & 3D
    4. Basic Animation
  10. Extensions
    1. Sketchup Extensions
    2. Install Extension
  11. From 2D file to Build 3D model
    1. Import 2D Drawing
    2. Scaling
    3. Accurate placement


Students need to bring their own laptops with SketchUp installed for training.

You can download Sketchup from

We do not provide SketchUp software.