Create eCommerce Websites using WooCommerce



Build an eCommerce website using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, one of the most popular and trusted ecommerce solutions for WordPress. WooCommerce provides advanced store management for physical and digital products, and in this course, the trainer will show how to navigate the inventory, tax, and shipping settings; add products; manage sales; and customize your store’s layout. Plus, learn how to use the plugin with external services for payment processing and shipping.


  1. What is WooCommerce?
    • Setting up WordPress for ecommerce
  1. Setting Up Shop with WooCommerce
    • Getting and installing WooCommerce
    • Initial configuration
    • Installing sample product data
    • A tour of WooCommerce
    • General settings
    • Catalogue settings
    • Pages settings
    • Inventory settings
    • Tax settings
    • Email settings
    • Integration settings
  1. Setting Up Payment Gateways
    • Configuring payment options
    • Setting up PayPal payments
    • Setting up Stripe payments with an extension
  1. Setting Up Shipping Options
    • Deciding on shipping options
    • Creating shipping classes
    • Using built-in shipping methods
  1. Adding Products
    • Adding a new product
    • Working with product data
    • Adding images to a product
    • Managing product variations
    • Managing digital products
    • Managing product reviews
  1. Customizing Your Store
    • Configuring the store index page
    • Using the sidebar
    • Configuring the front page and product category navigation
  1. Managing Sales
    • Testing the customer experience
    • Receiving and managing orders
    • Managing reports
    • Creating coupons