C Programming

c programming

SkillsFuture Credit Approved Course


C is a popular yet powerful language used for both system and application development. This course introduces you to data types, strings, variables as well as functions in C. Additionally, you will also learn how to control the flow of your code through structures such as loops and if-else statements. Finally, you will learn about how to organize information in arrays, managing memory resources with pointers and managing files in C.



  1. Introduction to C
    • Introduction
    • InstallIng Eclipse
    • Upload Exercise Files to Eclipse
    • Comments
  2. Declarations and Data Types
    • Understanding Data Types and Declarations
    • Integer and Float Point Data Type
    • Using Void
    • Boolean Data Type
    • String Data Type
    • Variable, Constant and Structure Data Type
    • Using String and Math Libraries
  3. Array
    • Introduction to Arrays
    • Declaring and Initialization of Arrays
    • Accessing Individual Array elements
    • Two dimensional Arrays
    • Searching and Sorting Array elements
  4. Decisions and Control Structure
    • If – else if – else statement
    • Operators
    • Advanced Control Flow with Switch
  5. Loops
    • Understanding Loops
    • While and Do-While
    • For loops
    • Break and Continue
  6. Functions
    • Functional Programming
    • Passing variables to functions
    • Variable Scope
    • Passing Arrays to a functions
    • Returning data
    • Function prototypes
    • Understanding Recursion
  7. Pointers
    • Declaring and Initialization of Arrays
    • Accessing Array element
    • Two dimensional Array
    • Sorting Array elements
  8. Files
    • Data Management
    • Using Random Access Files
    • Read/Write on a sequential file
    • Read/Write on a random access file
    • File Access Mode
  9. The C Preprocessor
    • Using Macros
    • Shared C Preprocessors
    • Header Files from Other Files
    • Using Conditional Directives