Practical Soldering Skills



Soldering is the act of joining two or more pieces of metal together by using low-temperature filler metal. The base metals are not melted during the process of joining. This course will show you how soldering works – and why it doesn’t. You’ll learn all about handling a soldering iron, tip “tinning”, tack soldering, how to make the strongest connections, how to avoid solder bridges – even how to de-solder.

Target Student:

Electronics Enthusiast, technician, engineer


Electronics circuit basic


6 hours / Part time


1. Fundamentals of Soldering
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Specifications
1.3. Terms and Definitions
1.4. Tools and Material Selection and Maintenance
1.5. Procedures in Making a Good Solder Joint
1.6. Soldering Technology-Wires & Terminals
1.7. Applicable Documents
1.8. General Requirements
1.9. Wire Preparation
1.10. Terminal Preparation and Soldering
1.11. Practical Examination-Soldering Terminals

2. Through-Hole Technology
2.1. Introduction to Through-Hole
2.2. Specifications/Applicable Documents
2.3. Electrostatic Discharge
2.4. Through-Hole Terms and Definitions
2.5. Tools and Material Selection and Maintenance
2.6. Procedures in Making a Good Solder Joint
2.7. Soldering Technology – Through-Hole
2.8. Practical Session – Through-Hole Practice Board
2.9. Instructor/Student Review

3. Through-Hole Technology – Rework
3.1. Acceptability Criteria
3.2. Solder Rework Techniques – Through-Hole
3.3. Through-Hole Component Removal Methods
3.4. Practical Session-Through-Hole Rework-Practice Board
3.5. Instructor/Student Review
3.6. Practical Session-Through-Hole Test Board
3.7. Instructor Inspection/Feedback

4. Surface Mount Technology
4.1. Introduction to Surface Mount
4.2. Specifications/Applicable Documents
4.3. Surface Mount Terms and Definitions
4.4. Tools and Material Selection and Maintenance
4.5. Procedures in Making a Good Solder Joint
4.6. Soldering Technology – Surface Mount
4.7. Practical Session – Surface Mount Practice Board
4.8. Instructor/Student Review

5. Surface Mount Technology – Rework
5.1. Acceptability Criteria
5.2. Solder Rework Techniques – Surface Mount
5.3. Surface Mount Component Removal Methods
5.4. Practical Session – Surface Mount Rework – Practice Board
5.5. Instructor/Student Review
5.6. Practical Session – Surface Mount Test Board
5.7. Instructor Inspection/Feedback
5.8. Course Summary/Review

6. Project