Python Django Web Development Essential


With Django, you can take web applications from concept to launch in a matter of hours. It’s a free and open-source framework that’s designed on top of Python and supports data-driven architecture. You will learn how to get up and running with Django and learn how to incorporate CSS and JavaScript to enhance the style and usability of your Django projects.

Course Objectives:

  • Creating a new Django project
  • Defining Django models and fields
  • Querying data with the Django ORM
  • Building views and templates
  • Integrating CSS and JavaScript


7 hours, 1 Day Course

Mode of Delivery

Classroom-based, Instructor-led Training

Course Outlines

  1. Get Started on Django
    1. What is Django?
    2. Install Django
    3. Create a Django Project
    4. Add a Django App
    5. Django MVT Architecture
  2. Django Models
    1. What is Django Models
    2. Model Field Types
    3. Create Models
    4. Migration
    5. Django Admin
    6. Populate Database
  3. Django ORM
    1. What is Django ORM
    2. Start Django Shell
    3. ORM Queries
  4. URL Patterns & Views
    1. What is URL Patterns
    2. Regular Expression
    3. Create URL Patterns
    4. Create Views
  5. Templates
    1. Render Templates
    2. Jinja Templating Commands
    3. Static Files