Networking and Security Administration of Red Hat Linux 5

Networking and Security Administration of Red Hat Linux 5


You have performed basic system administration and managed system services. But as a network administrator, you will be required to manage security and performance of multiple systems on a network.

In the Networking and Security Administration of Red Hat Linux 5 course, you will implement system security and user authentication between hosts using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

You will implement advanced system and network services along with security policies to ensure efficient network administration.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • manage system security and performance.
  • manage services to optimize system performance.
  • implement network resource access controls.
  • use DNS and DHCP to configure networks.
  • implement network file sharing services to facilitate secure resource sharing.
  • implement the web service to transfer resources and communicate across the Internet, which provides a simplified transport mechanism.
  • implement electronic mail services to communicate instantly and quickly.
  • implement data security to secure data transfer.
  • manage user authentication to allow only authorized users to access systems.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Managing System Security and Performance

  • Topic 1A: Implement Security Policies
  • Topic 1B: Monitor Systems
  • Topic 1C: Monitor System Logs

Lesson 2: Performing Service Management

  • Topic 2A: Monitor Services
  • Topic 2B: Configure Network Access Controls
  • Topic 2C: Configure SELinux Services

Lesson 3: Implementing Network Resource Access Controls

  • Topic 3A: Implement IPv6
  • Topic 3B: Implement Netfilter
  • Topic 3C: Implement NAT

Lesson 4: Configuring Networks

  • Topic 4A: Configure a DNS Server
  • Topic 4B: Secure a DNS Server
  • Topic 4C: Configure a DHCP Server

Lesson 5: Implementing Network File Sharing Services

  • Topic 5A: Implement FTP
  • Topic 5B: Implement NFS
  • Topic 5C: Implement Samba

Lesson 6: Implementing Web Service

  • Topic 6A: Configure an Apache Server
  • Topic 6B: Implement Apache Access Control
  • Topic 6C: Implement Access Control in a Proxy Server

Lesson 7: Implementing Electronic Mail Services

  • Topic 7A: Examine the Electronic Mailing Process
  • Topic 7B: Configure Sendmail
  • Topic 7C: Configure Postfix
  • Topic 7D: Configure Procmail
  • Topic 7E: Configure Mail Retrieval Protocols

Lesson 8: Implementing Data Security

  • Topic 8A: Implement Encryption Services
  • Topic 8B: Implement OpenSSH

Lesson 9: Managing User Authentication

  • Topic 9A: Configure NSS
  • Topic 9B: Configure PAM