3D Modeling Trainer (AutoDesk Inventor)

Job Description:

As a 3D Modeling Trainer specializing in AutoDesk Inventor, you will be responsible for delivering comprehensive instruction on 3D modeling concepts and techniques using AutoDesk Inventor software. Your role will involve equipping students with a strong understanding of AutoDesk Inventor tools, functionalities, and best practices for creating 3D models for engineering and design applications.

Job Responsibilities:

• Conduct engaging lectures and hands-on training sessions on 3D modeling fundamentals using AutoDesk Inventor.

• Cover key concepts and techniques in parametric modeling, assembly design, and drawing creation.

• Provide practical demonstrations and exercises to help students develop proficiency in using AutoDesk Inventor software.

• Teach advanced features and workflows in AutoDesk Inventor, such as sheet metal design, surface modeling, and parametric constraints.

• Guide students in applying 3D modeling techniques to real-world engineering and design projects.

• Foster a supportive learning environment conducive to student engagement and participation.

• Provide assistance and support to students, addressing questions and clarifying doubts effectively.

• Assess student progress through assignments, projects, and practical evaluations.

• Stay updated on the latest advancements and updates in AutoDesk Inventor software.

• Conduct remote synchronous/asynchronous lessons through video conferencing tools or online platforms if necessary.


• Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Civil Engineering or related field.

• Exceptional skill and proficiency in AutoDesk Inventor software.

• Strong understanding of 3D modeling principles, techniques, and best practices.

• Familiarity with relevant engineering and design standards and conventions.

• Previous teaching or training experience is preferred but not required.

Working Hours:

3 – 6 Hours per week.

Weekday evenings or weekends.


5 minutes’ walk from Jurong East MRT

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