AutoCAD WSQ 2D&3D Course

Autocad course Singapore

Autodesk AutoCAD is a leading Computer Aided Design software that is used worldwide by professionals like architects, interior designers and engineers. The well-developed and fully functional Graphical Interface helps the user to design, analyze and modify projects with ease.

This course is designed as a starting point for beginners. Upon completion of this AutoCAD course in Singapore, the student will be able to:

  • Create 2D drawings using drawing and editing tools
  • Organize drawing objects on layers
  • Add text and basic dimensions
  • Plotting

You can apply WSQ funding, SFEC funding, PSEA subsidy, UTAP subsidy, SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) for these courses if applicable.

Course Content:

  1. Getting Started with AutoCAD
    • Starting AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD windows
    • Multiple Design Environment
    • Menus, dialog boxes and toolbars
    • AutoCAD Design Center
    • Preferences
    • Using command prompt
    • Accessing help
  1. Understanding Basic Concepts
    • Coordinate Systems
    • Opening drawings
    • Creating new drawings
    • Using drawing aids
    • Creating lines & circles
    • Using coordinate entry
    • Selecting & Removing Objects
    • Saving Drawings
  1. Application of Layers
    • Introduction to layers
    • Creating layers
    • Setting color & linetype
    • Managing layers
    • Changing object properties
  1. Utilizing Display Commands
    • Zoom
    • Pan
    • Real-time Zoom & Pan
    • Aerial View
    • Redraw & Regen
  1. Entry Draw Commands
    • Circle
    • Arc & Ellipse
    • Offset
    • Rectangle & Polygon
    • Donut
    • Point & Point Style
    • Pline & Mline
    • Ray & Xline
    • Using object snap & PolarSnap
    • AutoSnap & AutoTrack
  1. Editing Tools
    • Erase
    • Break & Trim
    • Undo & Redo
    • Copy & Move
    • Rotate & Scale
    • Strentch & Mirror
    • Extend & Lengthen
    • Chamfer & Lengthen
    • Chamfer & Fillet
    • Pedit
    • Editing with grips
    • Using array
    • Modify & Change
    • Explore
    • Purge
  1. Enhancing Drawing – Hatch & Text
    • Introduction to Hatching
    • Boundary Hatching
    • Editing Hatching
    • Text styles
    • Text & Dtext
    • Editing Text
    • DDEdit & DDMODIFY
  1. Dimensioning
    • Dim styles
    • Creating dimensions
    • Editing dimensions
    • Quick Dimension (QDIM)
  1. Blocks
    • Creating Blocks
    • Creating Blocks
    • Inserting Blocks
    • Updating Block definitions
    • External references
  1. Printing and Housekeeping
    • Print Dialog Box
    • Printing
    • Model Space & Paper Space
    • Recovering drawing
    • Copying & renaming files
    • Audit

Using hands-on exercises representing real-world, industry-specific design scenarios, students explore the fundamental concepts and workflows for creating 3D models using Autodesk AutoCAD. Students learn how to create and modify both solid and surface models. This course also teaches students how to present their designs while they are still being created, using visualization tools such as visual styles, model walk and fly through, materials, and lighting. Students also learn how to output 3D models from AutoCAD to either paper or a distributive electronic version.

This advanced AutoCAD course in Singapore will cover:

  • Advanced object control and selection
  • Advanced object creation and modelling using wire frame, surface, and solids.

You can apply WSQ funding, SFEC funding, PSEA subsidy, UTAP subsidy, SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) for these courses if applicable.

Course Content:

  1. Object control and selection
    • Selection modes
    • Grips
    • Object selection
    • Object group
    • Quick select command
    • How to search for drawing objects
    • Filter options
    • Layer filter options
    • How to apply layer filter
  2. Blocks and Attributes
    • Type of blocks
    • How to create blocks with attributes
    • Type of attributes
    • Attribute options
    • What are system variables
    • Preferences
    • User profiles
    • How to use external reference files
    • Advantage of using Xref
    • In-place Xref editing
    • How to Usig Xclip
  1. 3D Modeling
    • Revision on coordinates
    • X,Y,Z planes
    • Differentiate between wire frame, surface and solid objects
    • How to view drawings in 3 D
    • Difference between isometric and surface objects
    • Types of solid objects
    • Regions
    • How to edit surfaces and solids
  1. Rendering
    • Shading options
    • Rendering options
    • Lights and shadows
    • Background and fogging
    • How to apply materials to objects
    • How to create landscape objects
    • Create scenes for viewing
    • How to create Raster Image
    • Advantages
  1. Model Space/Paper Space
    • Differences between model and paper space
    • Tiled Viewports and floating viewports
    • How to create and scale viewports
    • Difference in dimensioning in model and paper space
    • Principles of dimension in model and paper space
  1. Batch Plotting
    • What is Batch plotting
    • Plotter configuration
    • How to use Batch Plot Utility
    • Advantage
    • Drawing Web Format (DWF)
    • Internet Utilities
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Note that we do not provide AutoCAD software
  • Whether you are from Chennai or from Johor Bahru, foreign students are welcomed!
  • 30 hours for both AutoCAD Level 1 & 2
  • Part-time schedule is available upon request

"Took the AutoCAD Level 1 and 2 Course. Course done professionally with engaging lecturer. Special commendation to lecturer Song for his expertise and efforts to help us get the most out of the course! Will definitely come back to do other courses if I ever need it. Easy to register for courses as well, good management." - John (Link to review)

"Took Autocad for level 1 & 2. Environment is good, lecturer Song is very experience and helpful. Will sure introduce more people to come. Management is good." - Zayvis Goh (Link to review)

"good school, course is useful for my job. it is not big school and have 20 years in the jurong east. i know this school from my colleague" - Ah Di (Link to review)

"Professional and nice classroom environment.Good instructor." - Mike Chua (Link to review)

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