St.Hua Private School – About Us

St.Hua Private School

Overview of St.Hua Private School

Established in 1997, St.Hua Private School specializes in the provision of technical education in information technology, digital graphics design, mechanical engineering and electronics engineering. St.Hua Private School is also registered under Council of Private Education. (CPE No. 201008052Z, 09 Jan 2023 – 08 Jan 2027) Autodesk course provider

The trainers at St. Hua Private School are well educated and experienced, where majority hold at least a master degree from either local or overseas universities.

Most of our courses are subsidized by SkillsFuture credit.

It is our responsibility to ensure that every student master the relevant knowledge with ease and fun.

Ultimately, we aim to ensure that all our students are better equipped with the necessary skill sets to meet the requirements of the society, to prepare them for the workforce and to enhance the current skill set of workers such that they can better fit their current job.

School Manager: Mr. Adam Ye

CPE Registration Certification

St.Hua Private Education Institution PEI Certificate

School Premises

St.Hua Courses

  • Number of classrooms: 2
  • Floor area of classroom 1: 18.1 sqr meters
  • Floor area of classroom 2: 18.8 sqr meters
  • Capacity of each classroom: 12 pax
  • Number of computers in each classroom: 14
  • Number of projector in each classroom: 1
  • Other facilities: Laser printer, Wi-Fi, audio system

Our Vision

To become our students’ first choice in the provision of educational courses and to ensure that our courses are practical and that the knowledge acquired is applicable to real life situations.

Our Mission

We help our students improve and advance by providing high quality and affordable courses, catering to their different interests and requirements.