Autodesk Moldflow Insight Essentials

Moldflow Insight


This course teaches the Theory & Concepts, and Practice. The Theory & Concepts guide discusses the theory, background, and workflows used in Autodesk Moldflow Insight to teach students to apply Moldflow analysis techniques to their parts.


  • Navigate and use the Interface.
  • Complete a Cool, Fill + Pack + Warp analysis.
  • Step through the general process for analysis projects.
  • Use flow charts to discuss optimization of filling, packing, and warpage of a part.
  • Meshing workflow.
  • Gate placement guidelines and gate location analysis.
  • Conducting and interpreting a molding window analysis.
  • Types, manipulation, and interpretation of results.
  • Working with runners (designs, modeling, and balancing)
  • Procedures to set a packing profile.
  • Advanced options for a flow analysis.
  • Using Autodesk Moldflow Communicator.
  • Overview and working with thermoplastics and the injection molding process
  • Using finite elements with Moldflow.
  • Creating HTML, PowerPoint, and Word based reports of an analysis.
  • Creating part models, feed systems, and cooling channels.
  • Flow behavior.
  • Using the modeling tools.
  • Searching and comparing materials.
  • Designing flow leaders and flow deflectors.
  • Using valve gates.