Linux System Administration



On completion of this course, the student will have technical knowledge of what is required to administer LINUX within the Enterprise. They will have gained practical experience of configuring administrative, networking and security aspects of a LINUX Enterprise system.

This course is suitable for novice LINUX System Administrators who need to acquire knowledge of the key administrative, networking and security tasks required on LINUX within the Enterprise.


Linux Introduction or equivalent knowledge


21 hours


  • Performing administrative tasks with supplied tools such as YaST
  • Installing and updating LINUX
  • Listing device information
  • Managing user and group account information
  • Managing the LINUX file systems
  • Managing the Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
  • Managing software RAID
  • Listing, creating and removing swap space
  • Managing software packages
  • System startup/shutdown management
  • Managing system services
  • Configuring local and remote printers
  • Process monitoring and job scheduling
  • Connecting the server to the network
  • Managing basic network services (ftp, telnet, ssh etc.)
  • Managing NFS to share files and directories
  • Troubleshooting and responding to boot problems