3D Printing Essentials

3d printing

SkillsFuture Credit Approved Course


This course draws a roadmap for getting started with 3D printing from choosing a printer to learning about 3D modelling. You’ll also learn how to create, modify and repair designs so they’re ready to print, with various free software tools. This is an essential course for both 3D printing novices as well as designers with existing modelling skills that want to enter its marketplace.


Discovering 3D Printing

  • What is 3D printing?
  • How 3D printing works
  • What you can make with 3D printing
  • History of 3D printing

Introducing 3D Printing Technology

  • 3D printing options
  • Introducing filament-based printers
  • Looking at stereolithography
  • Laser sintering
  • Jet technologies
  • Full-colour prints

Creating Your First Design

  • Understanding manifold design
  • Creating a design with solid modelling
  • Mesh modelling
  • Other types of modelling
  • Creating a design with 3D scanning
  • Introducing file repositories
  • Keeping track of units
  • Designing for reality
  • Shape Generators
  • Importing 3D STL

Use 123D Design to Design 3D Printing model

  • Primitives
  • Sketches
  • Modify Sketches
  • Transform and Snap
  • Tweak
  • Push Pull
  • Shell
  • Fillet
  • Chamfer
  • Merging & Subtraction
  • Intersection
  • Hide/Unhide

Use TinkerCAD to Modify 3D Printing models

  • Moving an Object
  • Scaling an Object
  • Rotating an Object
  • Selecting and Grouping Objects
  • Snapping Objects Together
  • Measuring with Ruler
  • Aligning & Mirroring Objects
  • Duplicating Objects

Repairing a 3D Printing Design

  • Introducing netfabb Studio
  • Performing an automatic repair in netfabb Studio
  • Performing a manual repair in netfabb Studio
  • Slicing a flat bottom
  • Creating a hollow model
  • Wrapping a model
  • Measuring your 3D model
  • Exporting your file