BitCoin and Blockchain Course


BitCoin and Blockchain Course

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology are extremely popular, and everyone is investing in them, from FinTech companies to small investors.

There has been a lot of hype around Blockchain technology and Bitcoin in recent times. Almost all Fin-Tech heavy weights are pouring investments into Blockchain technology. Governments and regulators are also equally interested in this. Blockchain is essentially a decentralised and distributed ledger technology that was popularised by the Bitcoin global cryptocurrency platform since 2009.

The potential applications for Blockchains and Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies are enormous. The course will cover the fundamental aspects of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and distributed consensus. The topics include

  • Blockchain technlogy
  • Potential of blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining
  • Bitcoin Alternatives

Course Outline

  1. Blockchain Technology
    • What is Blockchain?
    • Decentralization with Blockchain
    • Blockchain Archtiecture and Design
    • Opportunities through Blockchain
  1. Blockchain Applications
    • CrytoCurrency
    • Digital Tokens
    • Smart Contract
    • Real Blockchain Application Case Studies
    • Blockchain Challenges and Risks
  1. Cryptocurrency
    • What is Cryptocurrency?
    • Advantages of Cryptocurrency
    • Cryptocurrency Trading
  1. Bitcoin
    • The Birth of Bitcoin
    • How to Store and Use Bitcoins
    • Bitcoin Wallet
    • Bitcoin Mining
    • Bitcoin Strengths and Weaknesses
  1. Bitcoin and Blockchain’s Future
    • Bitcoin alternatives
    • The Bitcoin Community
    • Bitcoin Politics and Regulation
    • Bitcoin Security and Security issues