DIALux Trainer

Job Description:

St.Hua is seeking skilled and passionate DIALux trainers to join our team, teaching both interior and exterior lighting design.

Job Responsibilities:

• To conduct interior and exterior lighting design course using DIALux software.

• Provide practical demonstrations and exercises to facilitate learning and skill development among students.

• Cultivate a supportive and interactive learning environment to enhance student engagement and participation.

• Provide assistance and support to students, addressing questions and clarifying doubts effectively.

• Assess student progress through assignments, projects, and practical evaluations.

• Conduct remote synchronous/asynchronous lessons through video conferencing tools or online platforms if necessary.


  • Min degree in civil/physics/interior design
  • Familiar light parameters
  • Good presentation skills
  • Understand light measurement method
  • Able to perform basic luminary calculation
  • Practical lighting design experience for interior or road is required

Working Hours:

3 – 6 Hours per week.

Flexible schedule, including weekdays or weekends.


5 minutes’ walk from Jurong East MRT

Interested applicants can submit the form below: