The Ultimate In-Depth Introduction to ChatGPT

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Basics Course


This course provides an in-depth exploration of ChatGPT, an advanced conversational AI model developed by OpenAI. Led by experienced instructors, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to interact with ChatGPT effectively, customize its responses, and integrate it into various applications. From learning about natural language processing to implementing advanced features, this course offers practical insights into leveraging ChatGPT for diverse use cases. Whether you’re a developer seeking to enhance user experiences or a curious learner interested in AI technology, this course offers valuable knowledge and skills in working with ChatGPT.

Course Outline:

1Introduction to ChatGPT◦ Understanding ChatGPT
◦ Introduction to Conversational AI
◦ Application of ChatGPT
◦ Benefits of Using ChatGPT
◦ Limitations and Challenges of ChatGPT
2Getting Started with ChatGPT◦ Accessing and familiarise with ChatGPT interface
◦ Setting Up ChatGPT for Personal and Business Use
◦ ChatGPT Features
◦ Understanding ChatGPT’s Capabilities
◦ Different Versions and Models of ChatGPT
◦ Choosing the Right ChatGPT Model for Your Needs
3Interacting with ChatGPT◦ Conversations with ChatGPT
◦ ChatGPT’s Response Generation Process
◦ Effective Communication Strategies with ChatGPT
◦ Handling Complex Queries and Topics
◦ Managing User Expectations and Maintaining Context
4Customizing ChatGPT◦ Fine-Tuning ChatGPT Models
◦ Strategies to Adapting ChatGPT to Specific Use Cases and Industries
◦ Creating Custom Prompts and Responses
◦ Control Mechanisms for ChatGPT’s Output
◦ Optimizing Performance and Efficiency of ChatGPT
5Integrating ChatGPT into Applications◦ Integration Options for ChatGPT: APIs and SDKs
◦ ChatGPT Embedding
◦ Building Chatbots and Virtual Assistants with ChatGPT
◦ Customer Support and Engagement with ChatGPT
◦ Case Studies of Successful ChatGPT Integrations
6Best Practices for Using ChatGPT◦ Effective Communication Practices
◦ Ethical and Responsible Use of ChatGPT
◦ User Data and Privacy Balancing
◦ Biases and Sensitivity in ChatGPT’s Responses
◦ Evaluating ChatGPT’s Performance
7Advanced Features and Techniques with ChatGPT◦ Advanced Settings and Configuration Options
◦ Multi-Turn Conversations implementation
◦ Contextual Understanding and Memory in ChatGPT
◦ Customizing Output Styles and Personalities in ChatGPT
◦ Experimenting with Experimental Features and Beta Versions
8Troubleshooting and Support for ChatGPT◦ Common Issues and Challenges with ChatGPT
◦ Troubleshooting Techniques for Improving ChatGPT’s Performance
◦ Accessing Help Resources and Support Channels for ChatGPT
◦ Engaging with the Community and Seeking Peer Assistance
◦ Providing Feedback and Suggestions to Enhance ChatGPT
9Practical Applications and Use Cases of ChatGPT◦ Industry-specific Applications of ChatGPT: Healthcare, Education, Finance, etc.
◦ Real-world Examples of ChatGPT
◦ Innovative Solutions and Products Idea
◦ Emerging Trends and Opportunities
◦ Creativity and Collaboration with ChatGPT


  • 15 hours
  • 2 Day Course
  • Classroom-based, Instructor-led Training

Assessment Format:

A competency-based assessment will be in the form of written examination, primarily consists of 40 multiple choice questions spanning various aspects as covered in the program. 

Each participant will be assessed individually on the last day of the training for their understanding of the subject matter and ability to effectively query ChatGPT to accomplish specific tasks. The assessment focuses on higher levels of learning in Bloom’s taxonomy: Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation.

Exam Preparation:

The objective of the certification examination is to evaluate the knowledge + skills acquired by the participants during the course on ChatGPT. 

The weightage in key topics of the course as follows:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT [5]
  • Getting Started with ChatGPT [5]
  • Interacting with ChatGPT [15]
  • Customizing ChatGPT [15]
  • Integrating ChatGPT into Applications [10]
  • Best Practices for Using ChatGPT [15]
  • Advanced Features and Techniques with ChatGPT [15]
  • Troubleshooting and Support for ChatGPT [10]
  • Practical Applications and Use Cases of ChatGPT [10]