Facebook Marketing


Facebook is a powerful tool to reach your required user base. Facebook ads target specific audiences, so you can make sure your ads are getting in front of the right people. This course will help you create, budget, place, and manage effective Facebook ads.

You will learn the basics of setting up an account, ad structure, the Ad Manager tools, and how to make critical placement and budget decisions wisely.  Furthermore, you will learn how to differentiate between promoting pages and individual posts, when to use photo ads and link ads, as well as whether to place ads in different Facebook platforms, such as the desktop or mobile news feed, the sidebar, Instagram, or other places in Facebook’s vast advertising network.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Digital and Social
    • Multi-screened consumer behaviours
    • Content + SEO + Social Media Content Pillars
    • Three S’s of Digital
  1. 6-Step Social Media Campaign Process
    • Analyse, Define, Develop, Deliver, Measure, Manage
  1. Analysing the Current Social Media Situation
    • Company
    • Social Media Audit
    • Customer Profiling
    • Competitor Analysis
  1. Defining Social Media Marketing Objectives
    • Marketing Problem and Objectives
    • Digital Marketing Funnel
    • Google Analytics Tracking
  1. Developing Social Media Content & Communities
    • 6 steps of contagious content/virality
    • Best practices in blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
    • Infographics Community Management Content calendar
  1. Delivering Social Media Promotions
    • Types of promotions and lead magnets
    • Legalities of social media promotions
    • Create landing page and social promotion using Wishpond
    • Advertising on Facebook
  1. Measuring Social Media Performance
    • Budgeting for social media
    • Advertising metrics
    • Calculate social media
    • ROI
  1. Managing Social Media Activities
    • Social Media Team
    • Social Media Governance
    • Working with Influencers
    • Social Media Crisis Management
  1. Facebook Pixel for Remarketing
    • Introduction to Remarketing and Facebook Pixel
    • Custom Audiences
  1. Formulate Facebook Marketing Strategies
    • Steps to Craft Winning Marketing Strategies
    • Using Analytics Data to Evaluate Performance
  1. Leveraging on Facebook Publishing Tool
    • Using Publishing Tool to Increase Productivity
  1. Driving Engagement with Great Content
    • Content Best Practices
    • Integrating Creative Elements into Ads