Examination Board

academic board

Members of Examination Board

St.Hua Private School has appointed the following experts as the Members of Examination Board to ensure that for each course, the assessment principles, processes, methods and practices are aligned with the learning outcomes and contents.

 Name of the MemberHighest QualificationField of Expertise
1Dr. Chen ShanbaoDoctor of PhilosophyMechanical Engineering
2Dr. Zhu HanDoctor of PhilosophyMechanical Engineering
3Dr. Chun Kit LamDoctor of PhilosophyElectrical & Electronics Engineering

Board shall have the responsibility to develop examination and assessment procedures for the school, including but not limited to the:
(a) security of examination scripts and answer scripts;
(b) conduct of examinations and assessments;
(c) duties and responsibilities of invigilators and markers;
(d) moderation of examination and assessment marks; and
(e) handling of appeals from students with regard to examination or assessment matters.

They shall also approve the design and development outcomes of all courses, including any refinement made due to the review process. If design and development is carried out by trained professionals or experts, endorsement by the Academic Board is still required.

They shall also work on the review of assessments.