Career Opportunities in the Field of Industrial Electronics

Industrial electronics deals with power electronics devices such as AC/DC drives, sensors, resistors, semiconductors, circuit boards, amplifiers etc. The occupational field in industrial electronics is very broad, encompassing industries such as aerospace, medical, technology, and industrial instrumentation. Having a Diploma in Industrial Electronics opens up a vast number of career opportunities. Here are some potential careers for industrial electronics professionals that you can consider pursuing with a Diploma in Industrial Electronics:

Industrial Electronics Technician

Industrial electronics technicians ensure manufacturing and assembly equipment operates properly, and they perform repairs when necessary. They can work as field technicians, visiting sites to work on equipment, or as bench technicians working within service centers. Industrial electronics workers commonly use signal generators and voltage meters to test faulty wiring, replace hardware components and troubleshoot computer control systems. They also work on antennas, programmable logic controllers and transmitters.


Elevator Mechanic

Besides elevators, these professionals also set up and fix moving walkways, escalators, and other types of lifting mechanisms similar to elevators. Elevator mechanics perform safety checks on equipment, service electrical motors, make adjustments to counterweight systems, and do all needed additional repairs. After these systems have been installed, elevator mechanics spend a lot of their time on preventative maintenance duties.


Inside Electricians

Unlike regular electricians, inside electricians specialize in electrical and electronic systems found on-site at factories and at businesses. These workers run routine maintenance checks on equipment, verify safety standards are met, and make necessary upgrades. Inside electricians often install equipment as well.



Interested in Getting an Advanced Diploma in Industrial Design?

St.Hua Private School offers popular and professional Diploma and  Certificate courses that meets the demand from various industries, including Interior and Exterior Design, Civil and Electronics Engineering and more.

All Diploma and Certificate courses are registered under Committee for Private Education (CPE).

With the Advanced Diploma in Industrial Electronics, students have the opportunity to apply the electronic principles learnt in lessons to solve many practical problems. Students will also learn how to install, maintain and troubleshoot faults in electronics systems and equipment. The knowledge and skills acquired in this rigorous and intensive Diploma course is highly relevant to the industry.

Students in the course will learn about:

  • Repair, troubleshoot, test and maintain common analogue and digital electronics equipment.
  • Use and maintain common electronic measuring instruments and equipment.
  • Analyze and interpret electronic schematic and assembly drawings.
  • Use computer-aided printed circuit board (PCB) design tools.
  • Write and execute application programs for microprocessor-based systems.


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