5 tips to Win Government Contracts using GeBIZ


Singapore is a active city-state with a sturdy government, infrastructure and development. For qualified contractors and subcontractors (including SMEs), there are a myriad of state acquisition opportunities on the market.

To help SMEs and entrepreneurs who begin a Singapore company qualify for profitable government contracts, here are some great tips:

1. Check GeBiz Frequently

GeBiz, the Singapore government’s on-line acquisition portal, publishes invites for quotations and tenders for the non-public sector. The GeBIZ site list is continually updated, with new requests for quotations announced often. To take full advantage of the website’s services, get comfy with its interface and find out how to look for opportunities that are relevant to your business. More significantly, make sure to remain at the forefront of recent updates.

2. Focus on Your Core Capabilities

With the excess of opportunities on the market, it is often quite tempting to cast your web wide and compete for multiple projects at the same time. However, specializing in your core capabilities could guarantee a better success rate. An important step is to spot your company’s strengths and weaknesses first, then maximize your best offerings. Knowing your company inside out can enable you to develop a powerful business identity that may translate to a a lot of articulate and compelling proposals.

3. Study the Tender Completely

Before submitting a bid or quotation, you may fare higher if you study the tender document completely. Review all the relevant deliverables, timeframes, work scopes, technical specifications, conditions and different connected particulars. Also ensure that you just understand the requirements; and more significantly, that you simply have the aptitude to deliver.

4. Submit the Required Paperwork

To compete for a Singapore government contract, you would like to become a GeBiz commerce Partner (GTP) — an intensive however necessary step. Among others, you may ought to submit your Singapore company incorporation documents and different pertinent data. Once you become a registered GTP, there’ll be a brand new set of work for every specific tender or project. As you undergo the motions, it’s imperative that you simply get comfy with all the work, as government procurements are often a quite tedious and prolonged method. To avoid any missteps, organize all of your documents and ensure that everything is in order.

5. Expand Your Network

Although GeBiz provides various opportunities, don’t believe entirely on databases to get a government contract. Whilst you submit your proposal electronically, you need to continue to get out of the workplace to expand your network. As an example, you’ll need to be able to set appointments with decision manufacturers within the relevant government agencies, then deliver your pitch in person. Additionally, think about operating with larger contractors. If you don’t happen to win an oversized contract, you will still qualify as a contractor to a number of the responded to companies.

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