The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Lighting Design with DIALux

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A good lighting system is designed to provide the right amount of light for its intended usage. To reach an optimal capacity requires detailed calculation, taking into account various factors such as the location of the space, as well as environment conditions like temperature and even dirt. With software such as DIALux available, designers are able to create well-developed lighting systems with ease and precision. Read on to find out more about DIALux and the benefits of using this software.

What is DIALux?

DIALux is a powerful lighting design tool created by Dial GmbH with many functions which you can use to design, calculate and visualize light professionally. Designers can create virtual worlds intuitively and document lighting designs in photorealistic visualisations. DIALux can adapt to a variety of project conditions and settings such as the type of rooms as well as indoor or outdoor locations.

Key Features of DIALux

Whole Buildings

With DIALux, users can design a whole building with several floors and rooms.


DIALux can account for daylight shone through windows. Daylight can also be used together with artificial light for professional lighting design. Additionally, with daylight control systems, users can optimize daylight calculations.

Light Scenes

Designers can work with individual light scenes to adjust their lighting design to different scenarios.

Road Lighting

Users can design and generate road calculations in accordance with current norms.

Benefits of using DIALux

  1. Versatility

Lighting design software is useful both in construction of new spaces as well as in renovation of existing spaces. DIALux can help determine the optimal LED lighting design to reduce energy usage, while ensuring that lighting performance is maintained. DIALux also incorporates the latest norms and standards, as well as approaches in any respective country.

  1. Compatible with CAD software

Files can be imported and exported to and from all computer-aided drawing (CAD) software programs in .dxf and .dwg formats. This allows projects to be designed in even more detail through various platforms, producing professionally finished works.

Interested in Learning How To Use DIALux?

Here at St. Hua Private Academy, we offer an extensive DIALux Lighting Design Course. This course is designed as a starting point for new users.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Plan the lighting you will use in a room, scene or building
  • Calculate and visualize the daylight
  • Plan the colour and intensity of the lights you will use
  • Position on the project the emergency lighting, with the right legal number of luminaires, and much more.

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