3 Things You Should Know Before Studying Industrial Design


Most people have more commonly heard of interior design, as compare to industrial design. What exactly is industrial design? By definition, industrial design is the art or process of designing manufactured products. Industrial design comes before the product is made — it determines how the product looks and feels. Industrial designers combine art, business, and engineering to design everyday products. The best part? Almost every industry needs an industrial designer. But before jumping right in, here are 3 things you should know before studying industrial design.

  1. Drawing, drawing, and more drawing

Industrial design is where art and engineering comes together; drawing skills and individual creativity is essential, on top of technical knowledge. Industrial designers will spend a good part of their time drawing and drafting product designs manually and via computer-aided drawing technology.


  1. Industrial Designers are well-rounded

Not only is creativity key for industrial designers, they also need to be aware of current trends and consumer behaviors. Industrial designers analyse consumers and recognise the need for new products. They also need to know how their products are engineered, factoring material type and costs during the initial conceptualising phases.


  1. Vast career opportunities

Almost every industry requires a industrial designer. Be it in the fashion, medical, automobile, or technological industry, industrial designers are required for new advancement in every sector.

Here are some specialisations prospective industrial designers can consider:

  1. Product Designer

    • Product designers have a hand in the creation of new products, or making improvements to existing ones–from complicated computer technology to everyday household items.
  2. Industrial Design Researcher

    • Industrial design researchers work to understand consumer needs and study upcoming trends to come up with new, innovative solutions. Researchers typically take on an important support role towards the manufacturing of the new product.
  3. Art Director

    • An art director is in charge of visual imagery and design for publications such as magazines, newspapers, as well as product packaging and video productions. Art directors take on a decisive role in the portrayal of messaging in the end-product of a project, guiding their team to create the artwork and layouts of a product.


Interested in Learning the Ropes of Industrial Design?

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The Advanced Diploma in Industrial Design equips students with techniques from different areas of technology which are related to industrial product design. After learning the principles and theory of industrial design, students engage in practical real-world assignments for industrial design (2D & 3D), modelling and simulation.

They will also learn practical product designing, from theory to implementation and subsequently from conceptual design to applying their concepts in end products. This allows students to apply their knowledge in design, modelling, analysis and aesthetics. They will develop concrete industrial products that are suitable for our ecological environment.

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