Licensed for Electrical Workers (LEW Preparation Course)


Energy Market Authority (EMA) requires all licensed electrical workers to attend a prescribed refresher course every 5 years. In this course, we enable licensed electrical workers to keep up on a regular basis with advancement in technology, good industrial practices and changing business environment. This programme will equip participants with the necessary theoretical foundation and practical application skills to carry out the work of a Licensed Electrician.

Course Outline:

    1. Introduction to Electrician in Singapore
      1.1. Responsibility
      1.2. Qualification
      1.3. Basic regulations
      1.4. Application information

    2. Key Topics on Electricity Act (Cap. 89A)

      2.1. Electricity Supply
      2.2. Electricity Installation – Switchboard
      2.3. Electricity Installation – Auto Transformers
      2.4. Miscellaneous
      2.5. Typical Technical Questions

    3. Electrical Installation and Design Principle

      3.1. Fundamental Principles
      3.2. General Characteristics
      3.3. Protection against Electrical Shock
      3.4. Protection Against Overcurrent
      3.5. Electrical Installation and Wiring
      3.6. Electrical Single-line Diagram
      3.7. Earthing systems
      3.8. Switchboard Inspection and testing
      3.9. Miscellaneous
      3.10. Typical Technical Questions

    4. Electrical Installation in Special Installations or Locations

      4.1. Bathroom or Shower
      4.2. Swimming Pools
      4.3. Sauna Rooms
      4.4. Temporary Installation for construction and building site (SS650 part I)
      4.5. Temporary installations for festive lighting, trade-fairs, mini-fairs and exhibition sites (SS650 Part II)
      4.6. Solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems
      4.7. Outdoor Lightings
      4.8. Miscellaneous
      4.9. Typical Technical Questions

    5. Practical testing – Case Studies

      5.1. Residual current circuit breaker test in residential DB
      5.2. Switchboard Insulation resistance test
      5.3. Earth resistance test
      5.4. Continuity test
      5.5. Miscellaneous

    6. Others
      6.1. Lightning Protection (SS 555)
      6.2. Miscellaneous

Academic Requirements:

To qualify for the EMA test application, there are 2 minimum requirement from EMA;

  • Holds a National Institute of Technical Education Certificate has curriculum is relevant to the electrical work. Also, he must be an electrician is authorised to perform or such other qualifications as may be acceptable to the Authority. Furthermore, he must have two years’ practical experience in Singapore for relevant to the electrical work. In which an electrician is authorised to perform electrician must complete an apprenticeship.
  • minimum ten years’ practical experience in Singapore relevant to the electrical work which an electrician is authorised to perform.

Target Audience:

Singapore citizens, permanent residents or valid work pass holders.

How to become an Electrician?

So you have heard the people saying “electrician is retrenchment proof” Wanted to be an electrician?

Looking forward start a career as an electrician. Fantastic! Electricians are the pillars to keep the economy running. Now we see the value of electrician. Let get started on how to become an electrician?

First, we’ll provide some the basic knowledge about how people work them self up to be electricians—school and various options people can take. After that, we look at the different aspects of the job.


Full Time Course Fee:

FeeAmount (SGD)
Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)$150.00
Course Fee$1200.00
Materials Fee$100.00
TOTAL FEES$1450.00

Licensed Electrical Worker / LEW Services/LEW/SS650/SS638/LEW 7