R Language

Data Analysis with R Programming Basics Course


This course provides an introduction to statistical computing using the R statistical computing environment. The course will provide an introduction to R programming, including: an introduction to R, control flow and function writing, data structures and their use Graphics programming, data and Text Processing, and writing and Maintaining Code. The content of this course differs from that of other courses in the Department of Statistics in that it does not emphasize data analysis and interpretation but instead concentrates on programming.


Programming Basic


  1. Introduction to R basics
    • Data Structure
    • Vector
    • List
    • Arithmetic
    • Recycling rul
  1. Control flow and function writing
    • which Function
    • A Special Technique for Functions of One Variable
    • Statistical Computations
  1. Data structures and their use
    • The plot function
    • A Display created with rectangles
    • Drawing Pie charts with R
    • The par function
    • The histogram panels
    • The label panels
  1. Graphics programming
    • Matrices basics
    • The “Apply” Mechanism
    • A Statistical Example
    • Solving systems of linear equations
  1. Data and Text Processing
    • Categorical data
    • Factors
    • Data frames
    • Customised table variants
    • Summary