Mobile Apps Development

mobile apps

Technology continues to evolve and provide us with increasingly powerful mobile devices. As a result, applications that can run on a browser must also be written such that they are compatible with mobile devices, the majority of which are now web-enabled. Meanwhile, there is an increasing demand for native applications that can be downloaded to and run on mobile devices. This course will address these trends, teaching you to think about the unique design and deployment issues that must be taken into consideration when developing applications for mobile devices.

Swift 4 Essentials for iOS Development

Swift 4 Essentials for iOS Development
Introduction: Swift is a new programming language from Apple. Swift is advertised as a “fast, modern, safe, interactive” programming language. The language is easier to learn and comes with features to make programming more productive. This course teaches Swfit4 programmer from scratch and serves as your launching point into the iOS Developer. Content: Getting Started...

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