Diploma in Mold Design

The Diploma in Mold Design is intended for tool designers, mold makers, engineers, part designers, and anyone involved in the tool procurement process. The course familiarizes students with basics of mold design, different types of injection molds, contemporary machining methods, and many of the available mold components. This rigorous and intensive Diploma course also provides the students with a tool design methodology and a mold specification guide for reference.

Academic Requirements:

-  Obtained at least grade C6 in English, Elementary Mathematics, Science (any one subject of pure science or any combined science) + 1 additional subject at GCE O Level or ITE Nitec with - GPA 3.0 or equivalent.

-  Applicant who does not meet the above requirement but has minimum 5 years working experience in the relevant field may also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Language Proficiency:

Pass with Grade 5 and above in English at GCE N(A) Level OR Grade D and above for GCE N(T) level OR D7 and above in English at GCE O Level OR equivalent.


16 and above

Course Structure:

DMD01: Injection Mold FundamentalsMr. Zhou Long Jiang
DMD02: Mold Machining Methods, Part 1Mr. Chen Junyong
Mr. Zhu Han
DMD03: Mold Machining Methods, Part 2Mr. Chen Junyong
Mr. Zhu Han
DMD04: 2-Plate, 3-Plate, and Hot Runner MoldsMr. Chen Junyong
Mr. Zhou Long Jiang
DMD05: Mold Bases, Tool Steels & Heat TreatingMr. Chen Junyong
Mr. Zhou Long Jiang
DMD06: External & Internal ActionsMr. Chen Junyong
DMD07: Part Ejection, Venting & CoolingMr. Chen Junyong
MD08: Gating MethodsMr. Chen Junyong
MD09: Runners, Filling Software & the Mold Design ProcessMr. Zhu Han

  • Written Examination
  • Project Presentation

Industrial Attachment:


  1. Successful completion of the prescribed academic unit requirement as set out by the program curriculum.
  2. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required at the end of the final study.
  3. Attendance of minimum 75% has to met


Diploma in Mold Design from St.Hua Private School (CPE Registration No. 201008052Z)