Diploma in Civil Engineering


The Diploma in Civil Engineering is aimed at students who are interested in exploring and understanding civil engineering – the architecture and maintenance of the environment, including man-made structures such as dams and roads. The knowledge and skills acquired in this rigorous and intensive Diploma course is highly relevant to the industry, such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills and Engineering Management.

By experiencing the combined teaching methods of lectures and practical studio work, the student will gain a basic understanding of:

  • Building design and analysis by using CAD software
  • Mechanical properties of civil engineering materials
  • Fluid and soil mechanics in practical applications
  • Application of principles of mechanics in analyzing effects of loading
  • Produce large-scale plans of engineering sites


  • 12 months (Part Time)
  • 6 months (Full Time)

Academic Requirements:

Minimum 3 ‘O’ level or equivalent qualification including English – C6 and any 2 science subjects – C6

Language Proficiency:

English/ Chinese

Work Experience (if applicable):

Written Exam, Assignment/Projects


16 and above

Commencing/End Date:


Method of assessment:

Examination & Project

Course Location:

St.Hua Classroom

Average Teacher to Student Ratio:


Industrial Attachment:


Graduation Requirement:

a) Successful completion of the prescribed academic unit requirement as set out by the program curriculum.
b) A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required at the end of the final study.
c) Attendance of minimum 75%


Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering from St.Hua Private School (CPE Registration No. 201008052Z)

Course Structure: 

ModuleTitleContact HoursAssessment
01Civil Engineering Materials21Examination
02Computer Aided Design21Examination
03Material Mechanics21Examination
04Introduction to Build Information Modeling (BIM)21Examination
05Soil Mechanics21Examination
06Engineering Management21Examination
07Advanced Model Design and Analysis21Examination
08Structural Design21Examination
093D Printing for Development21Examination
10Mechanical Principles Design21Examination


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