Diploma in Civil Engineering


The Diploma in Civil Engineering is aimed at students who are interested in exploring and understanding civil engineering – either for their own purposes or for exploring interior design as a possible career option.

By experiencing the combined teaching methods of lectures and practical studio work, the student will gain a basic understanding of:

  • Building design and analysis by using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software
  • Mechanical properties of civil engineering materials
  • Fluid and soil mechanics in practical applications
  • Application of principles of mechanics in analyzing effects of loading
  • Produce large-scale plans of engineering sites


  • 12 months (Part Time)
  • 6 months (Full Time)

Academic Requirements:

Minimum 3 ‘O’ level or equivalent qualification including English – C6 and any 2 science subjects – C6

Language Proficiency:

English/ Chinese

Work Experience (if applicable):

Written Exam, Assignment/Projects


16 and above

Commencing/End Date:


Method of assessment:

Examination & Project

Course Location:

St.Hua Classroom

Average Teacher to Student Ratio:


Industrial Attachment:


Graduation Requirement:

a) Successful completion of the prescribed academic unit requirement as set out by the program curriculum.
b) A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required at the end of the final study.
c) Attendance of minimum 75%


Advanced Diploma in Industrial Electronics from St.Hua Private School

Course Structure: 

01: Civil Engineering Materials

02: Computer Aided Design

03: Material Mechanics

04: Introduction of Build Information Modeling (BIM)

05: Soil Mechanics

06: Engineering Management

07: Advanced Model Design and Analysis

08: Structural Design

09: 3D Printing for Development

10: Mechanical Principles Design