Certificate in Interior Design

certificate in interior design


This course targets on individuals who wish to learn advanced software tools for photo-realistic interior design. 3 essential tools: Gimp, AutoCAD and 3ds Max are included in this course. Experienced instructor will guide the students on how to manipulate individual software and combine them together to achieve maximum productivity.

Academic Requirement: 

At least 2 subject passes with Grade 5 and above at GCE N(A) Level OR Grade D and above for GCE N(T) level or equivalent.

Language Proficiency: 

Pass with Grade 5 and above in English at GCE N(A) Level OR Grade D and above for GCE N(T) level

Working experience: 

1 year

Minimum age:



  • 72 hours
  • Full time(1 months)
  • Part time (3 months)

Commencing/End date:


Mode of Delivery: 

Instructor led, classroom based training

Method of assessment:

Exercise and project


St.Hua Classroom

Average Teacher to Student Ratio:


Industrial Attachment: 



Mr. Max Lim / Mr. Chen ze


Module 1 Design aesthetics and implementation

•Getting to Know the Work Area.
•Using the File Browser Lesson.
•Basic Photo Corrections.
•Working with Selections.
•Layer Basics.
•Masks and Channels.
•Retouching and Repairing.
•Painting and Editing.
•Basic Pen Tool Techniques.

•Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes.
•Advanced Layer Techniques.
•Creating Special Effects.
•Preparing Images for Two-Color
•Creating Links within an Image.
•Optimizing Web Images.
•Creating Rollover Web Visuals.
•Animating GIF Images for the Web.

Module 2 Computer Aided Design

•Productivity Tools
•Object control and selection
•Advanced Blocks and Attributes
•Inserting Graphics from External Files
•Introduction to 3D Modeling

•Introduction to Rendering
• Model Space/Paper Space
• Standardization & Sharing Information
• Batch Plotting

Module 3 Professional Design

•Introduction to 3D
•The Basics
•Managing 3D Scenes
•Manipulating 3D Objects
•2D Shapes And Modifers
•Material and mapping
•Setup camera
•Create lights
•The enviroment
•Atmospheric Effects
•Video post

•3D Animation Concepts, Principles and Limitations
•Animation Setup
•Animation Techniques
•Staging the Animation
•Animation Process
•Interior/exterior design project
•Animation design project