WorkFusion Robotic Process Automation


Robotic process automation is the use of specialised computer programs, known as software robots, to automate and standardize repeatable business processes. Imagine a robot sitting in front of a computer looking at the same applications and performing the same keystrokes as a person would do. While Robotic Process Automation does not involve any form of physical robots, software robots mimic human activities by interacting with applications in the same way that a person does.

Working as a virtual assistant, bots complete tedious tasks, freeing up time for employees to concentrate on more interesting, revenue-generating tasks for an organization. Part of the beauty of robot process automation technology is that even non-technical employees will have the tools available to configure their own software robots to solve their automation challenges. And WorkFusion Express provide this free and user friendly automation tool for the employees to implement the automation in their daily repetitive operations.

Course Objectives:

  • Install RPA Express
  • Identify the steps and actions to be recorded by RPA Express
  • Use RPA Express to map out a business flow
  • Create bots to capture and repeat events on a website, desktop or terminal
  • Plan a process automation strategy


7 hours, 1 Day Course

Mode of Delivery

Classroom-based, Instructor-led Training

Course Outlines

  1. Introduction to RPA
    1. Overview of RPA
    2. RPA Platforms
  2. RPA WorkFusion Express
    1. Download and install WorkFusion
    2. Introduction to WorkFusion Studio
    3. WorkFusion Action Library
    4. WorkFusion Action Flow
    5. WorkFusion Action Properties
    6. WorkFusion Recording
  3. Excel Automation
    1. Automation Excel Application process
    2. Excel shortcut for automation
    3. Variables to capture the different data
    4. Repeat library to improve excel automation
  4. Web Automation
    1. Automate Web Application using keystroke
    2. Transfer Data sources to Web Application
    3. While library to improve the Web Application input operation
  5. Automation with Efficiency
    1. IF-ELSE library for selection criteria
    2. Improve the Web Application input operation with criteria based