Qlik Sense Course Singapore (Data Visualisation)


Qlik Sense is a cloud-based data analytics solution that helps businesses gain valuable insights into their data. It is fast emerging as a popular choice for building sophisticated visualizations of complex data for an executive-level audience. A very powerful feature of Qlik Sense is the support for different types of selections, application states, and search. In this course, you will gain the knowledge to pick the appropriate model to view data, and leverage Smart Search and the Qlik Sense cognitive engine to work with that data in your app. This course combines demonstrations and hands-on activities to teach the concept of designing Qlik Sense Visualisation and story.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Qlik Sense
    • Difference between Qlik Sense and QlikView
    • Introduction to Qlik Sense Hub and Apps
    • Installation of Qlik Sense Desktop
    • Understanding of different visualisation tools
    • Qlik Sense server architecture
    • Qlik Sense licensing model
    • Qlik Sense components
  2. Getting Started with the Data
    • Extracting data from databases and data files
    • Extracting data from Web Files
    • Invoking help while in the data load editor or the expression editor
    • Previewing data in the Data model viewer
    • Creating a Master Library from the Data model viewer
    • Using a Master Library in the Edit mode
  3. Visualizations
    • Highlighting the performance measure in a bar chart
    • Associating persistent colors to field values
    • Using the ColorMix1 function
    • Composition
    • Relationships
    • Comparison
    • Distribution
    • Structuring visualizations
    • Interacting with Visualizations
    • Types of Selections
    • Using Lasso Selection
    • Bookmark Selections
    • Create Visualizations with Insight Advisor
    • Create visualizations with Chart Suggestion
  4. Scripting
    • Structuring the script
    • Efficiently debugging the script
    • Packaging the code in script files
    • Optimizing the UI calculation speed
    • Using a For Each loop to load data from multiple files
    • Using the Concat() function to store multiple field values in a single cell
  5. Managing Apps and User Interface
    • Creating your first App
    • Manage Qlik Sense Sheets
    • Add, duplicate, and rename sheets
    • Reorder, clear, and delete sheets
    • Change the appearance of a sheet tab
    • Edit and align sheet objects
    • View sheets and define bookmarks
    • Change sheet object properties
    • Export Qlik Sense data to Excel
    • Publishing a Qlik Sense application created in Qlik Sense desktop
    • Creating geo maps in Qlik Sense
    • Reference lines in Sales versus Target gauge chart
    • Effectively using the KPI object in Qlik Sense
    • Adding Reference Lines to trendline charts
    • Creating text and images
  6. Functions
    • Introduction to different functions on Qlik Sense
    • Aggregate Functions
    • Chart Expressions
    • Dollar-Sign Expansion
    • Class Functions
    • Using functions such as Previous(), NetworkDays(), Concat(), Rangesum()
    • Using the Declare and Derive functions to generate Calendar fields
    • Using the For Each loop to extract files from a folder
  7. Set Analysis
    • Cracking the syntax for Set Analysis
    • Using flags in Set Analysis
    • Using the = sign with variables in Set Analysis
    • Using comparison sets in Set Analysis
    • Using search strings inside a set modifier
  8. Extensions in Qlik Sense
    • Creating an HTML visualization extension for Qlik Sense
    • Defining a Properties panel in Qlik Sense visualizations
    • Creating custom components within Qlik Sense® visualizations
  9. Data Modelling with Qlik Sense
    • Data Connections 
    • Cleansing, manipulating, and transforming 
    • Resolving data model issues 
    • Optimization 
    • Using QVD files 
    • Developing with server
    • Defining variables in Qlik Sense
    • Creating dynamic charts in Qlik Sense
  10. Exporting Reports
    • Exporting stories
    • Using Qlik Dev Hub to generate mashups
    • Embedding Qlik Sense application on a website using a single configurator
  11. Data Storytelling
    • What is Data Storytelling
    • Taking Snapshots
    • Create a Simple Story