Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control



Electrostatic discharge related failures continue to cost electronics manufacturers many millions of dollars every year. The cost of a damaged wafer, die, component, or assembly might be only a few cents or could reach thousands of dollars. When failure happens in the field, multiply the costs by ten. ESD can impact production yields, product quality, reliability in the field, and customer satisfaction, and all of these affect your profitability.


Electronics circuit basic


18 hours / Part time


  • Conditions most likely to cause uncontrolled electrostatic discharge
  • Use of three types of ESD protective packaging
  • Use of ionization and topical antistats for static control
  • Impact of environmental factors on static charge
  • Function of ESD protective items in a protected area
  • Requirements of an ESD protective workstation
  • Correct use of ESD protective smocks, wrist straps, and footwear
  • Personal protection and high voltage hazards
  • Recommended ESD protective practices at workstations