Sketchup 3D Design – Advanced

Advanced Sketchup

SkillsFuture Credit Approved Course


This course teaches advanced topics in SketchUp such as dynamic components,  companion application, layout, and how to export and import objects to other programs, such as AutoCAD and 3DS Max.


  1. Beyond the basics – what is possible in SketchUp?
    • Intermediate modelling techniques
    • 2D to 3D and Freeform
  1. Advanced Modelling Techniques
    • Controlling segments and face counts
    • Using Follow Me for Detailed modelling
    • Using Push Pull techniques
    • Freeform Modelling
  1. Work with other CAD format
    • Importing CAD
    • Layers and protocols
    • Selection techniques
    • Isolating layers
    • Refining components
    • Discover outliner
    • Why groups
    • Choosing groups or components
  1. Advanced Textures
    • Editing textures
    • Managing your textures
  1. Animation techniques
    • Controlling transition speed and delays
    • Tabs and updates
  1. Scene Manager
    • Understanding the Scenes Manager
    • Changing and updating scenes
    • Controlling animation
    • Output for video
  1. More about styles
    • Getting to understand styles better
    • Saving and editing styles
    • Incorporating your style into your scene
  1. Controlling output
    • 2D graphics out
    • 3D models out
  1. Shortcuts for getting around SketchUp
    • Zoom, pan and rotate
    • Move, copy and scale
    • Where and how to add shortcuts
    • Understanding implied intersections
  1. UVW mapping
    • Projected UVW mapping
    • Adjusting mapping size
    • Adjusting mapping position
    • Mapping UVW origin
  1. Shadows and daylight control
    • Using alpha channels
    • Preparing graphics with alpha channels
    • Banner objects
    • People and trees


Students need to bring their own laptops with SketchUp installed for training.

You can download Sketchup from

We do not provide SketchUp software.