SPSS Essentials



Master the essentials of statistical data analysis for social science with our SPSS course. Developed by IBM, SPSS is a powerful information management software package that simplifies statistical data analysis. In this course, delve into fundamental concepts, covering basic plots, diagrams, and advanced topics, including complex statistical tests tailored for social science applications. Upon successful completion, participants will acquire proficiency in fundamental statistical analyses, data verification, and the creation of simple tables and charts. Empower yourself to work independently with SPSS, laying a robust foundation for tackling more advanced data analysis tasks. Enroll now to enhance your expertise in statistics and real-world data analysis within the context of social science, coupled with hands-on programming language applications.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Statistical Hypothesis Testing
  3. P-values
  4. Study Population and Sampling
  5. Frequency Tables
  6. Significance Levels
  7. T-Test: Paired Samples
  8. Sorting of Cases
  9. Generating Statistics by groups (variables)
  10. Measurement Scales
  11. Opening an excel file
  12. Descriptive Statistics
  13. Cross Tables
  14. Multiple Linear Regression
  15. Visual Binning
  16. Recoding into the same variable
  17. Hypothesis Testing
  18. Reading Text Data
  19. Correlation Analysis
  20. Distributions
  21. Linear Regression
  22. Building Graphs Easily
  23. Select Cases
  24. Creating a new variable
  25. T-Test: Independent Samples
  26. Da Merge
  27. Generating a Histogram
  28. Confidence Intervals
  29. Opening a file in SPSS
  30. Summarisation of Data
  31. Dates and Times
  32. Recoding Variables