R Social Media Analysis

SkillsFuture Credit Approved Course


Learn how to use R for visualizing and analyzing data from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and YouTube. Use the powerful and popular statistical language R to create and analyse Network Graphs and more.

Course Content

  1. Creating Network Graphs
    • Install SNA and iGraph packages
    • Format data for social network
    • Create a graph from existing data
    • Create sample graphs
  2. Analyzing Network Graphs
    • Measure connectedness of points
    • Measure betweenness of points
    • Identify cliques in a graph
    • Find components in a graph
    • Random walk in a graph
  3. Visualizing a Network
    • Visualize a network
    • Change edge and vertex colors
    • Write out a graph
  4. Analyzing Social Media
    • Analyze Twitter tweets
    • Analyze Facebook graphs of friends
    • Analyze Youtube video statistics