R Programming

r language

SkillsFuture Credit Approved Course


This course provides an introduction to statistical computing using the R statistical computing environment. The course will provide an introduction to R programming, including: an introduction to R, control flow and function writing, data structures and their use Graphics programming, data and Text Processing, and writing and Maintaining Code.


Programming Basic


  1. Introduction to R basics
    • Data Structure
    • Vector
    • List
    • Arithmetic
    • Recycling rul
  1. Control flow and function writing
    • which Function
    • A Special Technique for Functions of One Variable
    • Statistical Computations
  1. Data structures and their use
    • The plot function
    • A Display created with rectangles
    • Drawing Pie charts with R
    • The par function
    • The histogram panels
    • The label panels
  1. Graphics programming
    • Matrices basics
    • The “Apply” Mechanism
    • A Statistical Example
    • Solving systems of linear equations
  1. Data and Text Processing
    • Categorical data
    • Factors
    • Data frames
    • Customised table variants
    • Summary