R Programming

r language


Embark on a comprehensive exploration of statistical computing with our course, leveraging the powerful R statistical computing environment. Gain proficiency in R programming, covering key aspects such as introduction to R, control flow, function writing, and data structures. Delve into the world of graphics programming, data and text processing, and writing and maintaining code. Elevate your skills in statistics and real-world data analysis while mastering the intricacies of mathematical computations. Uncover the art of data visualization through hands-on experience, turning abstract numbers into insightful visual representations. Enroll now to immerse yourself in the realm of statistical computing, combining programming language expertise with practical applications for a holistic learning experience.


Programming Basic


  1. Introduction to R basics
    • Data Structure
    • Vector
    • List
    • Arithmetic
    • Recycling rul
  1. Control flow and function writing
    • which Function
    • A Special Technique for Functions of One Variable
    • Statistical Computations
  1. Data structures and their use
    • The plot function
    • A Display created with rectangles
    • Drawing Pie charts with R
    • The par function
    • The histogram panels
    • The label panels
  1. Graphics programming
    • Matrices basics
    • The “Apply” Mechanism
    • A Statistical Example
    • Solving systems of linear equations
  1. Data and Text Processing
    • Categorical data
    • Factors
    • Data frames
    • Customised table variants
    • Summary